I am Spanish, born in Tenerife, a redhead and tattoo lover. I’m a word tamer or copywriter in my digital marketing agency Atipica Marketing since the end of 2018.

Having an online business allows me to name myself under that fashionable concept: digital nomad.

Since I was eight years old, I’ve felt the hurry to travel the world to try to satisfy my immense curiosity and, thanks to this professional option, I traveled until I got tired and returned to Madrid.

Because traveling all the time is tired too.

I practice divergence based on the coherence between what I feel, think and do.

Why do I travel?


Each trip transforms me: I’m a better person and more aware after each one of them. These trips include going inside myself.


Traveling, reading and learning are the only things that satisfy my culture and information addiction.



Traveling the world has allowed me to meet amazing people who have shared with me a lot in a very short time.

Where I have been?


I write a lot, take photos, work and network all the time.

I like to match trips with work topics: I’m very passionate about giving lectures and talks and exchanging with other digital nomads around the world.

My goal is to add a solidarity project to my trips. So I keep loading great ideas into my backpack.


About copywriting, traveling, being part of the e-residency program in Estonia and digital nomadism.


I’m not a professional but I love to take good photos.


I love to be silly and have fun. I spend all day laughing and enjoying.